10 questions about sight that still baffle me today.

Dear sighted world,
I figured since I get asked so many questions (on a weekly basis) about how I perform certain things or live my daily life without suffering, I should at least make up my own list of the ones I stay up late at night pondering. These are ten of them, not sorted in any order. I am not sure if all of them can be answered, though.

1. How can you determine the material of an object through a picture, without touching it or knowing it through a caption/word?

You see a photo of a burning trash can. How would you know it’s burning vs. the trash can just being red in colour as a rule? Can you tell if the trash can is made of metal or plastic, and if so, how?

2. As you tilt your head, do you see different things and not see what you were seeing before you tilted it?

To expand on this one. Sound is omnidirectional, meaning that when I hear a sound, the intensity of it depends on how far I am from it. I can still tell where the sound is (angle of right/left from my body), but this doesn’t change much based on my head’s tilt. Sighted people, from what I understand, have periferal vision. This to me seems like outer-edge vision, e.g. your ability to detect objects that are not center-out from your eye’s level. (tunnel vision, I presume, is the living of life through this ability of sight?)

3. How can light have colour?

When I see light, I only see it as one beam, which shoots into my eye. Sure it can have different levels of intensity (sun light tickles my eye when I directly look into it!), but I can’t understand how light can have colour when it’s just light.

4. Mirrors while driving?

Do these mirrors condense all angles of traffic into one point of reference? I understand why they are there, but wouldn’t it be confusing to see what’s behind and in front of you at once at the same time? *shakes head*

5. 3D still puzzles me.

How can a touch screen show you objects of height? It’s a flat surface. When you see 3d, does the height “jut out” from the screen? Like pop as though it rose up from the glass?

6. Are fonts like handwriting?

7. Are shadows like sound echos?

8. Is there a point to which you can close your eye and still see?

Is this loss of sight a gradual process or is there a ratio to how fast it fades dependent on how closed the eyelid is?

9. When you look up at the sky is it emptyness?

I always thought the sky has a barrier, like an edge… I’ve heard it called “solid.” Does this mean that there’s a strip of line the sky is? Does it look metalic? Does it look empty? Are clouds floating in the sky without any attachment to it, or what do you see when you look beyond the edge of a cloud? This confuses me!

10. When your head spins (such as while sick), does your vision spin with it?

For me, when my head spins, it’s more of a feeling…
So… I know these are weird, but there you have it…