Welcome to Eurpod, where technology reviews meet Podcasts!

Why the name “eurpod”?

In Latin, The word EU means “good or well” . This website offers both well-written reviews of different technology products, along with podcasts which help explain concepts in greater detail. It is primarily set up in a blog format, with various categories for each product and service.

With over 15 years of Review experience, you can go back through my personal writing and language development!

This site is also meant to showcase a portfolio of where I have been and where I am headed. If you want to find prior writings and content, as well as some articles which do not relate to my technology-centric life, you’ve come to the right place! Each article is dated conveniently with the correct time it was written. Over 15 categories define the broad perspective I have on various technology products and services.

Who am I

To make this a bit easier, here’s a list of some facts about me which should give you more of a background on how I strive to stand out.

  • I speak two languages: Hungarian and English, with Spanish at a moderate-low level. Learning English as a second language means I command the language with greater depth than most.
  • I moved to the United States at age 13.
  • I am completely blind, which gives me the ability to pay attention to the details that matter and not focus only on visual aspects to any product.
  • Of course, I still ask sighted friends for information, so any visual writing or images comes not just from one source, but multiple people!
  • I graduated college with a degree in communication and philosophy.
  • I work as a Web Accessibility Engineer, and React + Typescript-based projects have been my biggest go-to. Working on better lint rules, and improving the accessibility space. I program mostly in Python outside of web, but also enjoy C++ to a small extent. I would also prefer C# over Java any day.
  • I love to camp and volunteer. Very people-oriented, I helped rebuild a log cabin in the grand canyon as well as helping out at a local camp.
  • I am also a software translator. So far I helped start the translation of the
    Free NVDA screen reader
    in 2008, and it still lives on as one of the most popular software products for the blind in Hungary. My current focus is translating Android software to Hungarian.
  • Besides writing, computers, and nature-based volunteering, I love to rock climb, swim, can play the bass guitar to an extent, and enjoy open-minded discussions.

Where are the podcasts, anyway?

Over the years and server migrations, most podcasts have disappeared. I do encourage that you check out My Author page on CoolBlindTech. This is where some episodes live with my review content. Also, Follow CoolBlindTech for up to date technology content and news.